Tuesday, March 29, 2011

goals revisited

So I haven't fully met my two goals that I aimed to meet a while ago. 1. Ride the bus 2. Buy a phone

BUT...the good news is that I've ridden on the bus like 3 times now! Yaaaaay, turns out getting onto a bus, paying, sitting down, and then getting up and getting off at the appropriate stop is not so hard. Although, last night when i was using the coin machine to pay once I got on board, I managed to open the machine to expose the inner workings of the giant contraption when I thought I was turning a lever for my ticket. The big door came right open when I turned it and shocked the hell out of me, but luckily I swiftly closed it right back up, took my ticket, which came out on its own, and sat down.

The phone, unfortunately, has yet to be purchased. However, other big things have happened. haha! Some good, some bad, mostly good.

#1 - I'm moving
I am leaving my place and I haven't even shared any pictures, so, here they are. Better late than never.

My little bed & nightstand

My dresser


The hallway & front door. Okay, that's enough I'm tired of loading these.

I'm moving in with a very nice Columbian guy in an area of town called Caballito. I'm super excited because my new roommate is aware of how bad I want to improve my Spanish, so he'll help me immerse myself and hopefully introduce me to some of his lovely Columbian friends? Maybe he knows Shakira.

#2 - I've got a ton of teaching hours each week starting April 4
I have been patient, (haha, mostly), sent out countless resumes and emails, but finally, the company I have been working a few hours for every week has finally come through and they're giving me the hours I need to survive here, starting next week. I'm excited about getting productive again, and it's a pretty smooth schedule.

Just keep on putting one foot down in front of the other. :)

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  1. Is that a Janet Kay quote? I feel like that's at the bottom of her signature... haha!

    Very proud of you deary! Can't wait to see you in May