Monday, April 4, 2011


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I've been stricken with a few awful, albeit quick, images in the past few days.

Picture this. Adorable kids walking down the street in the little lab coats that are the school uniforms of Argentina. One little boy is walking toward me, big brown eyes and a cute little boy haircut, he looks me straight in the eyes as he digs into his nose, finds a booger, and then, yes... you know what he did. The little fucker ATE IT! All while looking me in the eye.

WHAT IS IT in our DNA that makes us WANT TO DO THIS? COME ON KID!!!!
Human nature is GROSS, son.

That's not the only nose picker I've seen recently. Today, as the subway train pulled out of the station I caught perfect sight of a kiosk worker picking his nose with his PINKY. It felt like a scene from a movie where the girl sees her love for the last time as the train leaves the station. Except my love was picking his FUCKING NOSE. With his pinky.

Be still my heart.

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