Saturday, April 30, 2011


To be clear, I love this place. However, I have to say, it never ceases to throw some monkey wrenches into every single daily event. Anything from a simple bus trip to a friend's house, a stroll home, a ride on the subte.

Example 1 - After a night of dancing for my friend's birthday, I decided it was late (or, early) and I should probably head home. At 4:30 am I stood waiting for a bus in the rain with no umbrella, (well, not exactly, I found an alcove for protection). After 30 minutes, I decided to say fuck this bus and take another one that passed more regularly but dropped me off further from my apartment. I can walk.

The other bus pulls up shortly after (or maybe right as I made this decision) and I get on board. I sit down and enjoy the dry ride for a bit as I am tired and wet. As I get closer to where I need to get off I realize that with the fog on the windows and the rain coming down I really can't see the street names very well. I think I read the street name that I need and I decide to get off. Surprisingly when I take a look at my map, I'm not as far off as I thought I could have been, the walk shouldn't be too tough. I take a quick look at where I need to go and take off running in the rain.

For some reason, in this city, there are very often several blocks with no street signs to be seen. This frustrates me. As I was running and trying to figure out which street I was on, I actually said out loud to nobody "Of course there's no signs, you fuckers!! Why would labeling your streets make any sense??" After a few blocks I feel a little uncertain and decide to check my map again just to be sure I'm making progress. Turns out I'd been going south when I should have been going west. FUCK. I straighten out and get myself running again, this time in what should be the right direction. The only problem is now I have even further to go and it's still pouring.

As I leaped through puddles I look down to see my purse soaked through and I just hope the papers I have inside are not completely wet, though I know they have to be. I am tired, wet, annoyed and it is now about 5:30 am. I sort of want to cry, but all I can do was laugh. It made me think of a favorite quote of mine "Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet." I think last night I was actually doing a little bit of both.

I finally got home and laid out everything I had on to dry. Sometimes shit sucks, even when you're where you want to be in life. I'll be okay as long as I keep walking. I'm gonna get wet, but at least I don't have to wallow in it, I can still be on my way somewhere in the meantime.

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