Thursday, July 15, 2010

cereal serving sizes

Look, General Mills, you and your industry cereal-making friends need to level with us, here.

Who in the hell eats 1 & 1/2 cups of cereal and calls it a morning!? I think we all know the average serving size should be 2-3 bowlfuls. Yes, the calorie count will probably be upwards in the 400s, but at least we'd be real. No more of this 1.5 cups of rice krispies jibber-jabber. Just hardcore mother-fucking TRUTH. Pour some milk and eat a bowl of THAT.

Monday, July 12, 2010


On any given day we see a number of near-naked women in various sexy positions. This might be on TV, billboard, online, so on.

Take the Gucci example above. This is Gucci, so naturally it is seen as provocative, sexy & interesting, tastefully done. Never mind that the girl's head is cut off and only her body is seen and that she has a G branded into her pubic hair, this ad is fucking art.

But a woman in the flesh, performing the same actions seen in these ads, as a real-life stripper, is not seen the same way. A stripper is the embodiment of how women are portrayed every day. Women are supposed to be sexy, but the minute they cash in on this idea and make money from it, they've gone too far. That's where the shame comes in. Suddenly they're dirty. And not just dirty, I've heard a number of terrible adjectives and similes used to describe these women.

Dumpsters, sluts, nasty, disgusting.

What would it take to shake these beliefs about women taking command over their own sexuality?