Wednesday, April 1, 2015

recounting details

I am incredibly bad at recounting details from articles and books I enjoy.  I will read something in the morning and, literally, by the afternoon, I will try to describe it to a friend and fail miserably.  Like a zeppelin crashing and exploding, miserably.

Yesterday I read a beautiful article about confronting death.  Last night I tried to describe it to my boyfriend and it went something like this:

So the article talked about how dogs like to rub themselves on corpses.  The author has a dog that he walks on the beach and it's always trying to rub itself on dead things that wash up on the shore.  Anyway, they think dogs do this because of something to do with hunting.  If they have the scent of a dead thing they can sneak up on their prey.  But the author was like, yeah, but you can still see the dog, so I don't know how that would work.

Anyway, then they talked about a lot of squid washing up on the shore one time, squid everywhere.  He had to take the dog home, it was too much.

Then he talked about something Marco Polo said a long time ago.  When you need it, nature will deliver.  Like they were all on a ship somewhere in the middle of the ocean and all the men were on the verge of starving.  Then a big wall of fish just showed up.  So many fish it didn't look like they were in the water, there was just an actual wall of them.  Anyway, that's not super important.  He said that it's some kind of divine occurrence that would bring all these fish to them at that specific time when they needed them most.  Nature gives you what you need when you need it.  Even though this was a dangerous surefire way for the fish to die, they swam toward death anyway because people are more important than animals.  The author didn't really agree with that.  
Then he was walking on the beach with two friends and it was very dark.  There was an incredibly pungent smell that hit them, something was definitely dead.  They saw a big rock-like figure that they guessed was probably a seal but they were afraid to go up to it because, what if it were still alive and just happened to be really stinky and then it came after them, you know?  So they finally grabbed a few rocks and tossed them at the seal.  It was dead.  

After listening to me ramble on for what felt like forever, my boyfriend blinked for a bit and then asked, "what exactly does that have to do with confronting death?"

I replied, "god, I don't really remember."

You can read the article here -

I highly recommend it, unless you got everything you needed from my description.