Friday, December 23, 2011

i'm back

It feels like just yesterday I was sitting in my mom's guest bedroom in North Carolina with my skinny little cats getting ready to say goodbye to leave for several months. But it wasn't yesterday, it was almost a year ago. Now I'm back, sitting in that same bedroom with my now plump cats and thinking "what a fucking year." It has been a hell of a year. I don't think it's totally hit me yet, but it's coming.

For now I'm still happy as a clam despite the unplanned/unknown/slightly terrifying future that I haven't come up with yet for 2012.

So, in honor of my scrambled mind, here are a series of videos I recorded in Argentina that I haven't uploaded here thus far. In the meantime I'll try to process the past year and get back to you...

My best friends in BA, making fun of an infomercial from the 80s for erection pills that was dubbed in Spanish:

An awesome display I saw at Tecnópolis, a technological fair in Buenos Aires. Turn your computer down before you watch it though, because it starts off at a seizure-inducing noise level: