Tuesday, August 3, 2010

damned if we do

...she was struck by how often the nation’s most powerful females were stranded in cab lines and late for meetings because, in heels, walking any distance was out of the question. These were working, powerful, leading women, she writes. Why did they insist on wearing heels? Sure, some women just like heels (and still others probably know their bosses like them). But there is also the reality that however hard men have it—and, from an economic perspective, their “beauty premium” is higher, say economists—women will always face a double bind, expected to conform to the beauty standards of the day, yet simultaneously condemned for doing so...

Deborah Rhode, a Stanford law professor and author of The Beauty Bias from http://www.newsweek.com/2010/07/19/the-beauty-advantage.htm

Monday, August 2, 2010

12 and Delaware

I'm watching an HBO documentary called 12 and Delaware about a crisis pregnancy center in Florida that sits across the street from an abortion clinic. It's very sad to see that so many people value the lives of unborn children over the lives of the women having these children.

Women are controlled in a number of ways. What is especially sad to me is how these centers are able to guilt women into making decisions they might not want to make in the first place. What is sad is that these women are being lied to and given incorrect facts like abortions give you breast cancer and condoms only work 85% of the time. Women aren't even given the courtesy of truth. It's apparently okay to lie to women in order to make sure they have a baby that maybe they can't afford or don't want or can't physically carry due to health reasons.

I'll be glad to see the day when women are allowed to make decisions on their own without constant ridicule and scrutiny from both men and women.