Friday, April 8, 2011

cute creatures

This city is full of delightfully charming animals. I thought I'd share some adorable friends I've met so far -

This cat (who is getting ready to yawn) is a fun friend I met in a coffee shop in the neighborhood of Recoleta. Here, shop owners don't seem to mind having their cats lounge around like furry little bums.

This tolerance is also evidenced with this sleeping cat, who is, in fact, sleeping on a mattress in a mattress shop. If it weren't so socially strange, I would've curled up right beside him or her in the window for a nap.

I've also met a handful of pigeons who have no qualms with flying up into your face as you're walking down the street. Being an awkward white person, it's hard for me to take this in stride, somehow the Argentines manage to look cool even when a pigeon flies into their path. This little bastard stared me down while I was sitting in Plaza de Mayo in the center of the city.

From Untitled Album

Apparently animals coexist very well here, or at least they've been forced to coexist well. Though it's hard to tell in this picture, this is a rat and a kitten sleeping together, and, from what I can tell, embracing. True love knows no species.

BA loves dogs, big time. They are everywhere, whether they belong to someone, or they're just savvy street dogs who charm their way into earning a few meals a day. This dog I found in San Telmo, peaking his head out of the apartment he/she lived in.


  1. Jenna, I cannot tell what is cat and what is rat in that picture up there!? I think you are a faker!

  2. i ain't fakin' mother beeper, the cat has it's arm up covering the rat slightly, rat is behind arm!