Monday, December 20, 2010

what i can take away from 2010

This has been an interesting year. Sometimes strange but mostly very good. The weird thing for me is how clearly my lessons have stood out. I've learned a few things, or rather as my friend says, I've internalized cliches which is a pretty accurate way to describe it.

1. Nothing is ever really black or white.
I can be an extreme person sometimes. Extremely happy, extremely sad, etc. I have also tended to view things in extreme ways, too. Extremely good, extremely bad. But I think this year I've started to realize that so much of where most things fall is in the gray. I've found that the things that I thought were the worst things in the world turn out to eventually be much better than I could've expected. And sometimes good intentions are not as good as they seem. Just as nothing is ever really definite and unchangeable, things not usually completely good or bad.

2. Never doubt that people can do impossible things.

This I learned from my boss. Not that I've done anything impossible yet, I'm lucky if I can wake up and get myself to work on time instead of dicking around with my loungy, adorable cats all morning. What I've pulled from my boss and from amazing friends of mine is that we CAN do things that other people might shoot down. There will always be someone out there who wants to put you in your place and assure you that, no, you really can't do that. They will try to force you back into the average parameters of society so you don't make waves with your big ideas. But I'm not buying it. Whenever I come up with these big ideas one day and really get them into focus, I'm going to fucking do them. Where would we be if we listened to every naysayer out there? Ships wouldn't have been built, journeys would not have been taken, moons would not have been walked on. So here's a seed of confidence planted for the future, for when I need it. :D

2010, I'm sad to see you go, but I learned a lot from you and I think I'm ready for 2011!