Thursday, March 3, 2011

big bang theory

Americans are not always looked at as the greatest of human beings around the world. I am reminded of why this is every once in a while.

On my flight from Mexico City to Panama, (where I had a layover), the airline showed an episode of the Big Bang Theory, the U.S. sitcom about geeks.

Yeah, Big Bang Theory, good choice, because THAT'S what this plane full of Spanish speaking non-Americans want to watch. Out of dozens of passengers, I would have been the only one with an interest to watch/understand/recognize it, and they struck out with me because I don't watch it. I'm sure it's great, I'm really happy for David from Roseanne and everything, but, no dice. I didn't watch it.

It's really no wonder other countries resent the U.S. so damn much. What with our English, Coca-Cola, our Michael Jackson and Big Bang Theory.

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