Thursday, July 12, 2012

brown eyed sham

Brown eyes can be great.  They can be very dark and penetrating.  They can also be light and otherworldly.  Or they can be my eye color: shit stain.  For those of you who have been given the gift of shit stain colored eyes, use it with gloved caution.

Even though we all know the truth deep down, there are still some people out there who try to pretend like brown eyes are great.  This is all silly, feigned bullshit.  Who are we kidding?  Van Morrison is a HUGE culprit of this:

Slipping and sliding
All along the waterfall with you
My brown eyed girl
You my brown eyed girl.

Do you remember when we used to sing,
Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da

I don't, actually.

Please forgive me, Van, but your sham song can kiss my brown eyed ass.

2:53 - bit by bit by bit by bit by bit by bit!

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