Tuesday, July 31, 2012

detail oriented

When you're in an interview trying to put your best self forward, it's always important to be honest.  I thought that's what I was doing when I explained in my interview a few months ago that I'm not detail oriented.  That's my weakness.  Yes, I know, the one fucking thing companies look for, it's not my strength.  Did I follow up by saying that I was working on improving that weakness through a variety of tasks, giving examples such as A, B and C?  You bet your balls I did.  You can't just say "I suck" in an interview and not try to explain why.

But your weakness is still your weakness, even if you admit it and say you're working on it.  I mean, come on, even if Superman's at an interview and reveals his one weakness, you're probably not going to hire him to head the kryptonite plant, it's just poor judgement.

But, by some stroke of ridiculous dumb luck, Superman gets the job anyway!  Now should Superman have applied for that job in the first place?  Certainly not, but Superman really, really needed a job at the time because he was living with his mom in North Carolina and he didn't care where or how he got it, he just needed that job so get off my damn back!!

I mean, get off Superman's back.  Get off of Superman's back, please.

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