Friday, February 27, 2009

need to recharge

It's the 27th! It's got to be a good day, it's my lucky number.

I think my impatience with my class last night was more a result of my feeling burnt from two semesters in a row. Really I'm just whining for no legitimate reason, I have had students in the past who get up at 4 or 5, work until 6 and then go to class from 7 to 9. This same student I use as an example here is the one who cooked an amazing meat and vegetable dish for the graduation party one night. Where does she find the time? The energy? And I'm complaining?

Sometimes I forget just how hard it is to understand another language. Spanish has been very tough for me, I know English is tough for them. I just have to try to put myself in check before class until the end of the semester. It's not their fault I'm tired, they still deserve the best teacher possible. Shake it off Kippy!

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