Wednesday, February 25, 2009

during class

Teaching really does allow for constant enlightenment.
Sometimes I think of the coolest shit when I'm teaching, things I can't really devise in my own head because it's normally clouded with everything all at once.
Yesterday I got into a discussion with my ESL class about the 2nd amendment. After we started discussing people's fascination with guns and violence I thought about the reasoning behind this; movies, cartoons, video games. I decided then and there while teaching that it's best to blame society. You can't blame one single person or group for the way a society thinks, there are too many moving parts that go into it. You can't blame the kids, can't blame the parents. If we lived in a country where that type of thing was not valued then it would be more likely that people would be less inclined to use violence as a means to an end.
(I'll quote Ron Soloman here, that douche-)
Not a sermon, just a thought.

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