Sunday, July 10, 2011

slowly but surely

I'm slowly gaining some confidence here with my Spanish. It's a process and I have my good days and my bad days, but overall, I think I can start trusting myself a bit more. It's increasingly becoming easier to ask questions, for example "why are you charging so much for this taxi ride?" and the like. I was able to argue a bit with a taxi driver who clearly screwed me over. I can't say I'm winning these arguments just yet but I'm slowly getting there.

Here's another example, I took some laundry to the local Lavaderia where they wash and dry your clothes for you overnight. I brought a whopping big bag of laundry. One bag of laundry costs $15 pesos. I leaned through the small square opening at the door and gave the man that works there the bag. When he handed me my receipt he told me it would be $30 pesos. Wait a minute. Why wouldn't it be a little more than $15 pesos if it's a slightly bigger bag than average? Okay, clearly I was pushing this because my bag was stuffed to the gills, whopping, as I said before. I decided to take my chances and ask him anyhow.

"uuuuhhhh blahblahblahblahblah...." he responded. He had an Asian accent and he was speaking Spanish and all I could do was look at his teeth which were soooo bad and beyond repair that I knew I didn't stand a chance. This guy probably needed my extra $15 pesos for some constructive dental surgery in the future*. Fair is fair. I nodded as he poured my big bag into a laundry basket to prove to me just how much was stored inside the bag I brought. I nodded, said okay, and told him I'd see him tomorrow.

Lesson learned, some things balance out even when at first you think they don't. One day those chompers of his are going to shine like new**.

*I'm going to hell.
**I am an awful human being.

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