Thursday, December 6, 2012

gift dilemma

Every year I face the same difficult question.  What should I get my brother and his girlfriend for Christmas?  To provide some background and help explain why this is such a dilemma, my brother is 11 years older than me and likes over sized button-up shirts like he likes his low-rider trucks; flaming and conspicuous.  He also likes the Redskins enough to hang a picture of Joe Gibbs in a frame in his house.  And my brother's girlfriend likes my brother who likes all of these aforementioned things.  To be crystal clear, I stand on the exact opposite side of all of this.  My shirts are appropriately fitted and flameless.  My wall is Joe-Gibbs-in-a-frameless.

In the past I bought them both movie pass gift certificates to go and see whatever they wanted.  They chose Paul Blart: Mall Cop.  Now, do I take that risk again this year and hope that my money isn't somehow spent on one of the worst movies ever made?  Are there any Kevin James movies set to come out in 2013?  According to his IMDB page Grown Ups 2 is in post production next year...

To be completely honest I'm really not in a position to criticize other people's movies choices too harshly, I once saw Reno 911! Miami in theaters and...heaven strike me dead... Twilight.

So live and let live, right?  Movie passes it is!  Go with God, passes.  Ashes to ashes, Kevin James to Kevin James.

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