Tuesday, November 27, 2012

who hates america?

Sometimes I like to punish myself by looking at things that put me into a rage.  A small dose of rage is good for the body, probably.  Like a teaspoon of Dimetapp when you're a young, sick toddler or a healthy adult who just happens to like the delicious grape taste.

I recently hopped on the appropriately titled "Things Liberals Hate" group page on Facebook for a lark.  And oh what fun it was to ride on a one horse open sleigh of insanity.  As was foretold, I hated these things, but decided to read on despite my hate.

I found this bit of gold (which these wacky uber non-liberals would suggest I pocket immediately since the US dollar is apparently going down a literal toilet being flushed by Obama himself):

Look, I may not shit red, white and blue, or play the star spangled banner on a trumpet when I wake up every morning, or have one of those big black eagles attached to the outside of my house.  You KNOW what I'm talking about, I googled the following phrases hoping to find a good visual for you:

black eagle outside of house
eagle posted on house
eagle on my house

And finally found luck with this one:
eagle on the house patriotic

Theeeeeerrreeee it is.

I may not have this eagle, this unofficial badge of patriotism, on my house, and I may say some not-so-nice things about my country sometimes, but that doesn't mean I hate America.

It's called being realistic.  I can squawk all day about the pledge of allegiance and apple pie and how fucking great this country is and not say anything bad about it ever, but that's a joke.

Is this country great?  Sure.  Has this country trampled on a lot of other countries and ignored others in order to claw its way to the top to become great?  Sure.  Does this country have a lot of creative ideas being generated every day?  Sure.  Does this country have citizens who threaten to kill their own president over 30 times every day mostly because he's black and that scares them? Sure.  It's a complicated, hypocritical world, but admitting faults doesn't have to mean you hate something.

I would much rather be a citizen who looks critically at their own country, A. because we can and other countries can't and we should be pretty fucking proud of and grateful for that, and B. maybe if we realize our faults we can work on them and become an even greater country.

Isn't that something uber non-liberals can get behind?
What is greater than great?  Greater!
Greater > Great.

Now I've typed "great" so  many times I don't even know if it's an actual word or if I've spelled it correctly.  Now that's what it means to love America!


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  1. I imagine this sort of language policing would have a large audience to address on these kinds of anti-liberal sites :) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/26/your-in-america-twitter_n_2192381.html