Thursday, July 9, 2009


I rode the red line home late the other night after a show in Arlington. The train stopped at Fort Totten and everyone on board was told to get off to take a Free Shuttle downstairs to the next stop.

Slightly inconvenient, but understandable given the horrendous crash last month.

I walked down to wait in line for the bus, a large crowd was forming already. I see a middle-aged woman standing in front of a Metro employee giving him an earful.

"It's almost midnight and we're all waiting around here!? Metro is fucking worthless!! *obscenities* *expletives* ...

I realize the Metro employee isn't having a conversation so much as providing a Metro-uniformed-representative-soundboard for this woman to unload on. I feel for the guy.

Unexpectedly, she drops the conversation and crosses the street, pulling out her phone and holding it up like she's taking a picture of the crowd waiting for the bus. How she will use this evidence I'm not quite sure.

People are being assholes about this. Metro was poor before the accident, now they're being sued by everyone which means even less money. How much is "less money?" Less than zero, or boat loads of debt.

I do my part to help Metro now by smiling at the employees. I would do this even if there wasn't any turmoil because:
A. I like Metro
B. Many of the workers are older black men, and this is one of my favorite demographic groups in this country. I imagine all of them as Aesop, waiting to share fun and colorful tales with me which also teach me a life lesson.

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