Wednesday, May 27, 2009

being angry

When I get really angry it makes me laugh. Not immediately, but much later.
I was annoyed for no reason today. Anything and everything seemed to pluck my nerve no matter how benign.
I walked past a usually quiet woman's office and in a matter of seconds several things ran through my head. I had just been telling myself as I walked through the hallway, "oh Jenna there's no reason to be annoyed, see look in this office, you have no qualms with this woman." But when I looked in she was making a terrible squinting face to see her computer. Mostly because she is 7 feet tall and hunched over in her desk and probably needs eyeglasses. None of this seemed to quell my aggravation. Her squinty face pissed me the FUCK off.
Obviously looking back now it's hilarious. No wonder people have to fight the urge to laugh at people who get so angry. It's so out of place and strange. I mean, I know what it's like to be that pissed but I'm glad I can laugh about it after the fact.
All in all today was full of hilarity. And now Bea Arthur has made a bed on my work bag and is meowing and purring every time I look over at her. Life is good.

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