Monday, August 24, 2009

feeling unmotivated

I really don't feel like doing shit lately.
Ton of work to do at work - don't wanna do it.
Shit to pack - don't wanna.
Books to read - don't wanna.
I'll get out of it, just coming down from an internet binge. Have you ever felt super-ambitious and you start looking up a bunch of stuff you want to do and then you're like Jesus this is overwhelming!! Too much internet make Jenna sad and inadequate.

I was reading a little bit about Betty Friedan and her life. It's intimidating to want to make such a big impact on society, she had her work cut out for her and she didn't even know it. Or at least I don't think she did. If you want to make a difference you have to be willing to work hard and you have to be comfortable with who you are.

I'm going to go home now and do nothing. :)

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