Monday, June 4, 2012

the bee gees

I was really sad to hear about the passing of one of the Gibb brothers, recently.  So, feeling inspired, I decided to look up some information on the Bee Gees to improve my wealth of useless knowledge that I will never need.

According to Wikipedia, I discovered they were from the Isle of Man which I would have assumed was made up if it weren't for the fact that I met someone who was from there when I was in Argentina.  I'm still not entirely convinced that's really where she was from though.  Maybe she's paid by the Bee Gees dynasty to help perpetuate the existence of this "Isle of Man."  But I digress.

Wikipedia told me a lot of interesting tidbits, like the fact that Barry was the older brother and Robin and Maurice were fraternal twins.  But it didn't tell me whether or not they were gay.  I decided to send this question out into the universe that is the monster-genius internet.  Where did I turn for answers?  Where does anyone turn?  WikiAnswers. (Yahoo Answers didn't have an answer)

WikiAnswers gave me this:
are the bee gees gay?
Michael Jackson also had 3 kids and he's gay as a window -(Takerpoo)

Takerpoo had an interesting point, but it still didn't bring me the answer I wanted.  For example: yes or no.

So I decided to do a spiritual Google image search and let my own mind decide based on what I saw.  I found an image that gave me all the answer I could ever need...

And the answer was no.  The Bee Gees are not gay.

Now, friends, enjoy Jive Talkin'

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