Monday, May 7, 2012

affordable hou$$$$$ing

I love DC, don't get me wrong.  It's just that sometimes I also fucking hate it.  In particular, here's one thing I hate: lack of affordable housing.

It's like a bunch of rich architect imperial lords got together in an evil tower on Capitol Hill during a thunderstorm and asked each other "Hey! Do you have a lot of money? Yes?  Me too!  I bet most people have a lot of money, too.  And if we build expensive buildings they will give their money to us."  Then one of the guys answered, "Yep. Let's do that."  Then they all turned into bats and flew into the night to their respective expensive lofts in Dupont and Georgetown.

I'm not sure who you people are who come into this city and pay $3,000 for a one bedroom luxury condo but I kind of want you all to go to hell.  No offense or anything.

The Anacostia river should not be used as a moat that protects you from poor people.  These are the people that get you your venti skim latte, clean your bathrooms and take care of your children every day.  Go ahead and buy your $100000000000000000 penthouse apartment in NoMa from the imperial lords of architecture.  Let the housing prices do the dirty work of pushing all the low incomers out of "your" neighborhood. *cat hiss*

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