Monday, February 6, 2012

sexy ads

I guess sometimes it's easy to forget how sexual advertising can get. Or maybe it's not, I don't know.

Here are a few hilariously sexualized ads that are just pricelessly inappropriate:

This ad says: You are a woman who wants to look sexy in her jeans, comfort is for homely chicks. These jeans are best worn on a perfect, flexible body while writhing around on the hood of a classic car.
Bottom line = Put your bottom line in these mother fuckin jeans.

This ad says: If you buy this champagne a beautiful girl will help you open it in style. First we'll just put the bottle at dick-level, open it one-handed with the other hand on our hip, have some wind blow through our hair, take a picture and done. The second part of this involves you imagining that bottle of champagne is actually your ejaculating penis.
Bottom line: Drink this and you will blow a load.

This ad says: Whatever you did was wrong, but probably sexy somehow, and for that you can't be forgiven. But at least you were wearing that strangely insulting perfume. And now P. Diddy is going to maybe sexually assault you. Wait, what?
Bottom line: Wear this perfume and get punished for wearing a patronizing perfume.

This ad says: Wear this flashy, expensive suit and be attractive and a gorgeous blonde will sit next to you and rub her breasts and you'll be too cool to even notice.
Bottom line: Nice suit = boob rubbins.

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