Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ten people in a room talking

My brain is like ten people talking in a room at once about different shit. Everyone's on a tangent and just keep going on and on and while this is happening, periodically, one person will hear what another one is talking about and it makes them think of something else and so they start talking about this new topic instead.

Can I focus on what any of them are saying exactly? Not at all. And when I try to zero in on one of them who might be talking about computers, for example, the attempt to focus on one at a time doesn't work.

In this case I'd just think alright, computers. Computers... Apple, Steve Jobs, driven people, angry bosses, I wonder if that movie with Kevin Spacey about bad bosses was any good, remember in the movie "Seven" when Kevin Spacey yells DETECTIIIIIIIIIIIIIVEEEEEEEEE, Kevin Spacey worked with Haley Joel Osment in that one movie I never saw, I see dead people, my grandfather died in 1984, I never read the book 1984...

You see where this would be a problem. I need to find a way to convince all these assholes to talk about one thing at a damn time.

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