Thursday, November 17, 2011


I can pretend to be cool all I want but the truth is I'm...not. Here's a lovely story to paint a picture:

I'm having class with an older, advanced student who is the director of his own architecture firm. The man oozes professionalism, hard work, structure and responsibility. We're having a conversation about some amazing hiking trip he's recently taken in which he was trekking through the ice fields of Patagonia. I nod and listen intently as I put a teaspoonful of sugar into the tea he has brought me.

"Oh yeah?" I say to let him know I'm listening as he talks about his interesting-as-fuck life.

But then my sugar spills around my tea cup all over the pristine surface of the table where we're sitting. I attempt to remain cool and try not to be distracted or to distract him as I slowly collect the sugar into a pile with my hands. But once I have the pile together I panic in my mind, because, what the fuck do I do with this sugar now?

Since I am really *great in these situations, I decide quickly to take the heart-covered, tattered bag I use to carry my books to class and use it as my waste bin.

I continue to look him in the eye and nod, fascinated, as I sweep the sugar toward the opening of my bag at the edge of the table. He suddenly realizes what I'm doing and stops me from myself.

"No! No! Don't do that, please..." He gets up and rushes to find a trash can to bring me so I don't sweep sugar into my bag like a damn fool.

What I learned that day - don't ever try to solve a problem quickly in your own mind without first consulting another intelligent human being.

*great (meaning terrible)

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  1. i can picture that so well, your earnest attentive expression the whole while