Saturday, November 12, 2011


I make lots of silly decisions in life. Like deciding to eat a peach while I was walking down the street yesterday. What a friggin mess. Could I have chosen a messier snack? Maybe I could have brought along a basket of buffalo wings? Boiled, unpeeled shrimp? Anyway, lots of silly decisions. I'm happy to say that coming here has not been one of those silly decisions. I love it. Every little bit of it with all my heart.

I even love it when I wake up early, go outside and find myself in the midst of sidewalk washin' time when everyone's hosing off their sidewalk and I have to get my $40 peso shoes wet, (they're practically made of paper, so water doesn't help the overall sturdiness).

I even love it when the fruit and vegetable stand man gets mad at me for not having coins because nobody in this fucking city has coins so people hoard their coins and lie when shops ask for coins. I was lying, I DID have coins but he wasn't gettin em. Coins.

I especially love it when I see a woman throw a cup of hot coffee at a man crossing a busy intersection while screaming things so shrilly I'm not able to understand a word, I simply walk 10 feet behind him and watch in amazement.

As I get closer to leaving I feel like one foot is on a little island and the other foot is on another island and each day they get a little bit further apart. One side is pulling me toward home & friends & family & Chipotle & normalcy & English and the other side is pulling me toward friends & medialunas & Spanish & lunacy & constant pleasant surprises.

Right now I'm almost doing the splits and I've still got over 3 weeks to go before I fly.

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