Thursday, October 6, 2011

a few pictures

Here are a few snapshots from the past few weeks -

Two of my favorite things in life. Kittens & koffee. (and being kute with my kords, woops almost worked- words)

Lovely view out of the kitchen window. Along with the plant Katya bought Beatrice, still alive and well.

Some $2 peso books from a used book place.

We made sushi! I say we but it was mostly other people and I enjoyed the eating part.

For one day I brushed my teeth with the littlest toothbrush. This is what happens when you're cheap and buy the least expensive toothbrush at the pharmacy. It falls when you're in the shower and breaks in two. And yes I wear a thumb ring. So what? Who cares?

Hacking my gmail account.

It was an election year for the mayor of Buenos Aires. This was one of the flyers for the challenger, Filmus. Smushed into the sidewalk. :( He did not win. Macri, the incumbent, pretty much won by a landslide. Macri had a ton of ads all OVER the city. He's got dark teeth. Not yellow, just dark. I don't understand either.

My friend Alison had a 1920's flapper party for her birthday. This is not Alison, though. This is Jenny. She doesn't seem to know why someone's taking her picture in this moment.

The view out of the window in the hallway outside my bedroom.

In front of a whimsical musical mural.

Random Michael Jackson look-a-like dance party. This was a surprise, a real gem. As I crossed the street one Sunday I noticed I was crossing alongside Jacko Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson from the video Beat It as well. And then I realized there were Michael Jacksons everywhere, all around me. They were all going to this disorganized dance party near the obeslico in the center of the city. I could only stay for 4 songs but I'm so happy that I did, it was a random treasure. The set list went like this - 1. The Way You Make Me Feel 2. Blood on the Dancefloor 3. The Way You Make Me Feel 4. Blood on the Dancefloor. Yes, I know, I don't understand either.


  1. Well, those are two of my favorite MJ songs, so I would have been super pleased!

    When you talked about your thumb ring, were you pulling up on your blouse like Fred Armisen's impression of Joy Behar?

    That toothbrush is adorable.

    Those book covers would make great framed artwork.

    Also, I'm obsessed with the yellow stripes there on the desk. Is it wallpaper?

  2. Yes! I was being Fred Armisen and pulling up my blouse while I said that, so glad you got it!!

    The yellow stripes are pretty damn sweet. They're painted on to the desk. :) Super creative, makes me want to do something artsy when I get back.