Monday, September 12, 2011

favorite student quotes

I love my job.

Student - "I love Steven Seagal."

Student - " Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governator in California." I thought this was a clever joke made by one of my students until I realized the translation for "governor" in Spanish is "gobernador." This was only a mistake, he wasn't trying to be funny at all. I bet he was wondering why I was laughing at him.

Student - "I won't date a man with back hair or a man with silly underwear. He might shave his back but it will still grow back and he might say that he got rid of all the underwear but he probably has some hidden somewhere still."

*answer on a test to the question "What happens when a person becomes a teenager?" -
"When start to discover himself and get curious and pimples."

Student - "I'm 70% sure we're all going to die next year so we should do what we want."

*while handing a student a test he had to take for class* Student - "You look very nice today teacher." Me - "No I don't, here's your test."

Student - "What is the coocoo clan?" Me - "Do you mean the Ku Klux Klan?" Student - "Yes."


  1. I want to hang out with the "silly underwear" student. He/she sounds hysterical, in that "crippled by strange fears" way

  2. Probably the only thing I took from teaching that makes me laugh are the stupid things my students said and wrote on their tests. I don't know your age group but it was less funny for me at the time of teaching because they were college freshman and I really just fucking expected better.

    And it bothered me enormously that in my Art History survey, no one seemed to understand that "tempera paint" is NOT "tempura."

    My favorite test answer was to identify the painting "The Lamentation of Christ" and someone wrote, "The Lamination of Christ." Gotta PRESERVE that divinity!

    --Erica M.