Monday, February 28, 2011

mexico: el fin

Mexico City: "One big fucking city"

I stayed with Belen's sister Estrella for my last few days in Mexico. She was a wonderful host, even made me sleep in her bed the first night while she slept on the couch (there's no refusing with these people!). By the way, everybody makes their bed there, they're so damn tidy! Am I just lazy or do people do that anymore? Is that just a Mexican thing?

There was a cute little dog that looked out the window every time we left or returned to her apartment. I wanted him to be mine.

I explored the enormous city on my own the day after we got back from Puebla. It's supposed to be one of the biggest in the world, and I believe it. I went to the Zocolo which means downtown and wandered around for a few hours and the weather was PERFECT. It was Valentine's Day and everywhere I went there were people walking around with 80 heart balloons and kissing couples. And the colors, wow the colors!! This ain't half of it!

I even found an adorable father & son in the center square playing with a paper airplane. They're together in this photo below and the airplane is small so it's a little hard to make out, but don't be lazy, you can find it, (to the right of the top center).

Everything was very lovely except that my stomach was bothering me (what else is new?). I went into the local Farmacia (you can guess what that means) where all of the medicine is behind the counter. I scanned the labels and found "estomagos" that would be for the estomach.

I pointed to the general stomach area and the lady behind the counter grabbed a box and handed it to me. There was a tiny picture in the corner of suppositories. "Uuuhhh no!" I laughed and handed it back and asked for the box next to the suppositories, today's not the day for that, I thought.

She handed me another packet. These were tablets, these would do. But, maybe I should ask to make sure they're for what I need. I pointed to my stomach and asked the lady if this was for the "estomago" she said yes and nodded aggressively.

That was good enough for me. I bought them along with a bottle of water and off I went. My stomach never did feel better, though. So when I got home later I looked up the active ingredients which I didn't recognize from my years working in the pharmacy. If my translation is correct, what I bought was actually for severe vaginal pain or dyspareunia. So while my vag felt like it was on cloud 9, my stomach was still not-so-happy. Quite a combo, huh? Happy vag, angry estomago.

I hate to end this post talking about vagina, but that's just how things go.

Thank you, so much, Mexico, for everything!! Even the angry estomago!! Viva Mexico!!

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