Friday, November 12, 2010

my heroes

OMG, here they are, all in one picture. I did not see this moment in person, but I'm pretty sure something good happened to me while this was taking place. I just took a sip of a delicious cocoa-coffee combo that I make at work. Or I received a happy email, or I was thinking a happy thought. Life was good in that moment. :)

L to R:

I love Martin O'Malley, governor of Maryland. Not just because he's a muscly-armed dreamboat with a slightly southern twang, (my mom's Harlequin romance novels are to blame for this fixation). Also because he's an enormous champion for the large immigrant community in Maryland and for the organization I teach for CASA de Maryland. But also because he is the first governor to join Share Our Strength in making the proclamation that we will end childhood hunger in America by 2015. The man combines so many of my favorite things - muscly arms (but not too muscly, we don't need to be on the cover of Iron Man magazine), concern for the immigrant community & childhood hunger.

Bill Shore, the founder of Share Our Strength is a terrific speaker, writer, human being. I don't think I could accurately translate the respect I have for him from my head into words. He combines the perfect amount of humility and passion. He has continuously rejuvenated my idealistic views of the world despite everyone else trying to beat it out of me. He has convinced me that it's not irrational to want more for the world, to want better. What's more, better is achievable. It's okay to believe big things can happen, indeed, it's necessary. How else can we make the world a better place? We first have to believe we can do it. He has made me believe.

Jeff Bridges, first of all, reminds me of my dad, which to me is a good thing. He's very relaxed & comfortable in his own skin. He says a lot of random things and has just that little bit of aloofness that I treasure in my own father. But more importantly, despite his incredible success as an actor, he still gives a damn about the rest of society. Instead of retreating to his mansion, counting his money by the stacks and staring at himself in the mirror he seems to do what he believes in. He chooses the roles that matter whether in movies or in charities. I'm so thrilled he has joined Share Our Strength to make No Kid Hungry in America. He's deep enough to identify with the people in this country who have never known the riches he has. I can't say enough about this man. When I grow up I hope I'm just like him, (and/or my dad), charitable, humble, completely comfortable with myself, compassionate, bearded and 6'1".

Just like a masculine group of Charlie's Angels, here is a delightful group of lean, mean childhood hunger fighting machines.

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