Monday, October 4, 2010

creepy old men

A friend of mine went to a bar last weekend. She is single and lovely. Someone put something in her drink. She ended up in the hospital. Fortunately she was with her friends who acted quickly and took her to help. She said she suspected it was a creepy old man who was hanging out around her and her group for part of the night. She vaguely remembered him sitting next to her on a bench outside after she had been drugged and fled the bar to find a place to lie down. She knew something was wrong after she got the urge to lie down at the bar and she was right, she had been drugged.

The scary thing is that these guys aren't like vampires that only come out at night. Their official daytime job title isn't "Creepy Old Man" unless they're always movie extras in Rob Zombie films. They are "normal" guys with "normal" jobs. Presumably they interact with women every day on a regular basis. And yet their respect for women as fellow human beings is so low that they can attempt these types of stunts on the weekends and not let that affect their weekly routine.

You can say this is a one-off thing and that these men are rare, but I wonder. If they're guaranteed to get away with something like this, what would keep them from doing it? I'd say it'd be pretty safe to assume it wouldn't be respect for women.

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