Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the douchebag statisticians at the university of phoenix

I was riding home on the metro yesterday and happened to notice an ad for the University of Phoenix.

Above the ad was a giant question asking - What percentage of the students at the University of Phoenix are female? Among the choices there were the following:

A. 73% (too high, could never be)
B. 67% (seems high, but more feasible)
C. 1% (haha! wouldn't THAT be funny??)

The answer was in the ad you see above - 67%.

The part that really seemed to infuriate me, though, was the insinuation of women as minorities.

The University of Phoenix is proud to be the #1 university for conferring master's degrees to minorities.

Are you SHITTING me?

No offense to those disenfranchised ethnic groups who mark "other" instead of white on all of their government forms and are judged unfairly as a result. That sucks, too. But women have always made up half of the population and yet, somehow, we are considered minorities, making up less than the majority of the population. (Maybe I haven't done my homework and the stats in every country for thousands of years has always been 51% male, 49% female, but I fucking doubt it.)

For the past several years women have been leaving men in the dust in college and university enrollment. The University of Phoenix is not the only establishment bringing in women at a rate greater than 50%. Their target base is women, I get it, but maybe they should be smarter when marketing to the women they're trying to recruit into their program. Hopefully the next generation of marketers will be a majority of women and they will be smart enough to realize that we are not minorities and never have been.

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