Tuesday, February 9, 2010

about sarah palin

Now I know she's a woman and I'm a feminist so that means I should love and support everything she does.

As my good friend Mattie once said emphatically at a restaurant table in Mendoza, a little drunk, holding a tortilla chip in each hand, "NO!"

This woman is a puppet of the conservative party in every facet. She doesn't speak from her heart, gut or even her head. I doubt she was even the one who wrote those notes on her palm. It could've been Bill O'Reilly (of DO IT LIVE! fame), or Glenn Beck or maybe the devil himself. Alright, I'm not that anti-conservative. Well, yes I am but I went a little far with the devil comment so I retract it.

The point is, this woman can dress herself up like a tough cookie and say tough things like "you betcha" and "hopey changey," but it's all a show. Like when she says she's in favor of women's rights and then poses with her daughter on the cover of a magazine, each holding their respective babies with the title reading "We're glad we chose life!" I'm sure a lot of woman would say the same thing if they were paid an absurd amount of money to pose for a magazine and make motherhood look like the most breezy, rewarding experience any woman could imagine.

Well unfortunately for Mrs. Palin she doesn't realize that defending women's rights should mean defending a woman's right to CHOOSE. Not coercing and shaming girls away from abortion if that's what they want. Mistakes happen, just ask her daughter Bristol. Girls and women should continue to enjoy the benefit of making their own decisions regarding their bodies.

Girls and women rarely seem to have a say in what they choose to do with their bodies.

Sex before marriage? What a slut.
Waiting to be married for sex? What a prude.

Getting an abortion? What a monster.
Keeping and raising a baby? She really fucked up her life, didn't she? Goodbye, youth.

Sarah Palin is not the woman to change this dialogue, she would exacerbate it. It's like she's not even thinking like a woman, but as a pawn of the Republican party. It's all hollow rhetoric, I don't even know what the fuck she IS in favor of seeing.

You can't just stand up to a microphone with your hair done up and make guns with your fingers and wink and think that will get you to the White House. Or can you? I guess we'll have to see.

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