Friday, November 13, 2009

casey affleck is a spanker

I saw this trailer very recently, it's for the movie "The Killer Inside Me," starring Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba.

The movie takes place in what seems to be a town in western America during what I would approximate to be the 1950s or 60s. Casey Affleck plays a cop. This is the perfect setting and role for him because he can really showcase his mumbled and confusing voice with a southern drawl.

The most jarring part of this movie, though, doesn't seem to be Affleck's voice. It's actually the bondage/rape-turned-sexy scene.

This is one of those films that will just reinforce the growing idea that women really do like to be pushed around when it comes to sex. All you have to do is hit them hard enough and they will snap out of their whining and realize how much they really want it.

Pretty disturbing thought, huh? And they say rape has nothing to do with sex...


  1. The film is actually about the cop's maniacal tendencies being stirred by a woman for whom he develops feelings. The story really is a view into the sociopathic mind's inability to process emotion properly and has absolutely nothing to do with "putting a woman in her place", so to speak.

    The only true expression of emotion this guy can muster is murderous rage. All characters are basically pawns in Lou Ford's game (Ford is the main character).

    If there is any objectifying being done here, then it is meant to be revolting and uncomfortable. This story is no glorification of violence against women. It's a stark, gritty and pretty terrifying meditation on homicidal impulse.

    The story is as callous as it's main character. Any mistreatment of women is a matter-of-fact biproduct, that's all. The story isn't speaking against the behavior or making a case for it. In this context, the actions just are. Were there an underlying anti-woman message to be found, then I would agree with your crtique. However, in this instance, there just isn't

  2. I appreciate your taking a stand for this film. You seem to be a big fan of it already since you have made it your case to disprove any evidence of sexism.

    By all accounts it does seem like a gritty and intense make-you-think kind of film. This doesn't make it absent of sexism.

    Just look at the "highlight" of the trailer, where sex-symbol, Jessica Alba is beaten violently with a belt and then sequentially becomes aroused as a result. "Art" or not, this mirrors so much of the violent porn that is available simply by googling "sex." The only difference is Jessica Alba may get paid a little more.

    I'm sure this will be a very powerful film on the emotionless, maniacally-driven man, but you don't think this ties in to the mistreatment of women? What do you think people will be talking about the most after seeing it? Well, surely the more mature viewer would be able to analyze it as you did and lament the destruction caused by the Affleck's character. While the less knowledgeable viewer might give his(or her, of course) friends a High 5 and go home and hop on youtube to see the version of the trailer featuring only that 20-30 second sex/rape/bondage scene.

    Hollywood has a tremendous influence on the views of this country. And while I am not a fan of censorship, I am a fan of looking critically at the actions I see in real life or the media and refusing to excuse it for nothing more than "movies being movies."