Tuesday, October 27, 2009

warning - disturbing

So porn can be pretty bad stuff. I don't know if you noticed.

I am deeply disturbed by this. So much for looking for porn a woman can enjoy. A majority of what you come across in the internet porn world involves embarrassing, shaming, humiliating, shitting on, and otherwise, annihilating women. And take a closer look at the image above - this is what women deserve. I could put my fist through my computer right now.

We wonder why our culture is so perversely obsessed with shaming women. We wonder why so many "normal" men rape women. Well, it's because that's what women really want. Jesus Christ that's disgusting.

It's funny, because early today I was reading about a report from the Daily Mail stating the unlikeliness of women being raped - rather, it's their willing submission to the effects of alcohol:

Dr Adam Burgess, from the University of Kent school of social policy, said rumours about the prevalence of date-rape drugs were little more than an urban myth.

This led young women to underestimate real risks of alcohol misuse, which can include impaired judgment putting them at risk of sexual assault.

'The reason why fear of drink-spiking has become widespread seems to be a mix of it being more convenient to guard against than the effects of alcohol itself and the fact that such stories are exotic - like a more adult version of "stranger danger".'

Once again, somehow, this is our fault. Deluded with false hopes of a dangerous and exotic experience with a man we don't know, we consume alcohol in the hopes of being taken advantage of. It has nothing to do with being surrounded by men who smile upon these convenient situations. The men have nothing to do with this at all. In fact, we would probably find a way to rape ourselves if we could, just to get the experience we shamefully and secretly hope for. WHAT?

It's these images, and these reports that reinforce the mistreatment and degradation of women. Period.

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