Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quiver lip, quiver

Religion confuses me.

I was recently reading about Quiverful families. They are a growing phenomenon of fundamentalist Christians, especially in the midwest, who derive their name from the Bible. They treat their children as arrows in a quiver, the more arrows in the quiver, the better the chances of spreading the teachings of Christianity. These are the families with 10 or more children. These high volume families are meant to achieve several things - a larger population of Christians, a stronger fight against the evils of society and the stretching and unimaginable fatigue to the mother's reproductive system - (vagina).

The evils they fight include:
- divorce
- adultery
- abortion/contraception
- internet pornography

All of these, of course, have to do with sex. So, with this I'm lead to believe that abundant and constant sex is perfectly fine - if you are married, not taking birth control or using a condom, or looking at mrskin.com while you are having said sex.

The father of the family, often militaristic and diligent in his faith and its execution, is the leader. Their traditionalism traces itself back to the Bible where the man was, of course, the provider and ruler of the family. This anachronistic way of living reverts the woman onto her back, once again, as she is used as the producer/storer/etc. of each of the 10? 15? children in her husband's family.

Now, I did the math, and if a woman has 15 children, that equals over 11 years of pregnancy. I've never been pregnant, but I have known some women to be sick (vomiting, dizzy, SICK) for each of those 9 months in succession. And yet, the women of these families are still not deserving of the title of "leader of the family." (I guess to them, a penis is sort of like a scepter that's given to you at birth)

So in the article I read, one of the family members was going into the Marines. Here is where my confusion really sets in -

Sex (with people you're not married to) = baaaad
Killing people in the name of God = perfectly acceptable


Maybe I need to revert back to my WWJD bracelet I used to wear in middle school for guidance. So what would Jesus do in this situation - either he would go to war and get shot immediately in his attempt to "turn the other cheek." Or he would kill a slue of foreign men and go home to have sex with his wife over and over and over again until they had to swim through the babies in his house to find air and safety. Yep, that sounds like Jesus alright.

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