Monday, October 26, 2009

Oklahoma abortion

Ooooklahoma where they don't want any a-bor-tiooons.

OK is at it again, in another attempt to shame women seeking abortions. They are now forcing every woman seeking an abortion to fill out a dossier, ten page document, answering questions about her relationship to the "father," etc. In addition, to continue the echo of shame, they are posting the names of these women on a website, along with their information, for the enjoyment of all the finger-pointers and gossip-enjoyers.

For some reason, it seems like the conservatives of the mid-west, or, the mid-west, believe that if given the opportunity every woman would have an abortion. It's like abortion is some self-satisfying, pleasurable activity that women really get a kick out of.

That must be why Oklahoma is fighting so hard to keep women from getting abortions. God forbid a woman be allowed to do something she enjoys. Except that WOMEN DO NOT ENJOY ABORTIONS. It's astounding to me to think that these conservatives can parade around under the title of Pro-Lifers thinking they are fighting the evils of premarital-or otherwise forbidden-sex. As though the women seeking abortions ought to be donning black hooded capes and carrying scythes. Because it's obvious that the antithesis of Pro-Life is Pro-Death.

Having an abortion already carries its own scruples for most women. I can't think of anyone who would said it's an awarding experience. It is a difficult decision and a personal battle that WOMEN are asked to make and to fight. For many women it is a trying and saddening experience, for others it is no more than an inconvenience, a necessary evil, if you will. But the underscore of this entire discussion is the fact that it is a personal decision which should be left entirely up to every woman who is faced with it.

Are men looked at as murderers when they have a vasectomy? Or other women when they have a hysterectomy? If someone does not want to have children that is their business and nobody elses.

Here's some advice for the pro-lifers in OK - If you are so upset about an abortion, why not have a baby yourself? If for nothing else to make up for the "void" caused by that singular abortion. I would warn you that you would have to have a lot more than one child to make up for all of the abortions that have taken place in the past decade, let alone centuries. But don't stop there, have children to make up for the millions of women who have lost their lives in makeshift abortions prior to 1972. That is your choice.

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