Sunday, October 4, 2009

Alright, not all of my posts have to be angry & "bitchy."

Here is the proof: I had a lovely weekend.

I enjoyed the hell out of the movie Blade on Friday night. This was the first time I saw this famous Wesley Snipes gem. Yes I do realize it came out 11 years ago, I'm not the biggest movie buff. I think I spent too much of my childhood/adolescence staring into the distance and having really awful haircuts. That leaves no time for movies.

Saturday was super-productive, switched to winter clothes now & packed away my summer stuff, or at least a lot of it (dork). I don't want to have to go through too much when it's time to start packing for South America in <2 months.

Saturday evening I went to my first swing dancing lesson. Awesome. I danced with so many characters - mostly awkward older men. I'll give you a few shining examples.

Rick Moranis -
This guy was an inch or two shorter than me with glasses and a nice blue dress shirt. I guess he was around 40? I'm bad at guessing age.

I commented on how the music was slower than I thought when we started dancing. He didn't respond, not even with an "uh-huh" for reassurance. So I repeated it in a different word order. Still nothing. I thought to myself, am I talking out loud? I decided after careful though, yes, yes I did speak out loud. A few seconds later he commented on how much slower the music was, slower than he had expected.

He had two moves - we move forward, back, forward, step out, he spins me, I spin back, repeat. Next move is a little more complicated - we end up side by side with our arms somehow interlocked, I lean into him and then he pushes back and spins me out and I spin back. He told me that was his special move, so that when people ask me how he was as a dancer I could say "wow! he was fun!"

I spent most of the night averting my eyes from his whenever he was in my immediate perimeter which seemed to be pretty often.

Stinks -
This guy was sweet. He was probably around 50 or so. He had on a loose fitting button up shirt like he was dressing up on vacation. He taught me the Charleston. His BO was so pungent and sour it almost seemed like it would make a good cooking smell. You know how some things smell so terrible and taste so good? Unfortunately for this guy, the taste was probably as bad as the smell and god knows I wasn't going to find that out for sure. Bottom line - sweet but sour.

Asian Wonder -
This guy was on fire. His dancing was really fluid, everyone thought he was an instructor, his dance card was full the whole night. I was dared into dancing with him, which I took up. He spun me like crazy. It turns out he is not an instructor, he just loves to dance & he's good at it. He's also an improviser and said that as long as we were both moving at the same time it worked. I didn't know if that would work in my case, but either way he lead extremely well and I didn't end up on my face at any point so it was great.

Oh geez. Little Asian man, age 60(?) and the top of his head came up to my eyes. He found me on the side and asked me to dance, I said yes. We proceed to "jerk" about, his hands holding mine and moving in a punching motion. I was just hoping he wouldn't make me hit myself in the face like a cruel sibling joke (stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself).

His eyes darted all around, looking at me every 8th or 9th glance.

He asked my name and when I told him Jenna he was like "what name that?" Your mom's invention?"

I could not decipher this the first time, so I replied "my mom's name is Janet!"

"NO, no! Your mom invention."

I told him it did exist before she named me Jenna, it was Arabic.

He said that I don't look Arabic, I agreed, we go on jerking arms.

He said he came there every weekend as his exercise for the week. I'm assuming he didn't actually take the classes that went on prior to the free-dance we were enjoying. I used context clues such as him spinning me like people spin the Wheel of Fortune. He grabbed my hand, moved it quickly to the left and let go, letting me do the rest of the work. All the while his eyes continued to dart, to the other couples, to the band playing, to his next victim, to Rick Moranis?

Saturday night - we got back home & I stayed up with Dusty laughing about the possibilities of Newman's Own dressing, like African American Newman's Own & even Zombie's Own - tastes like brains.

"Haven't you seen me on the bottle with a sprig of mint behind my ear & a toga for Newman's Caesar and Caesar light dressing?"

Sunday was also very productive. Most of my lesson plan is done for the week & I'm ready to collect some serious Dine Out $$$ this week.


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