Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ruined dream

Awesome dream last night.

I was at work when someone came around and started shutting all of the office doors, including mine. I was curious and feeling that boldness we all have in dreams so I cracked the door to find out what was going on. Al Franken walked past in a suit to our main conference room.

An office mate who was trapped with me asked who the man was. I explained the controversy in the Minnesota elections as best I could since my mind was preoccupied with the possibility of meeting thee Stuart Smalley! (I don't have to dribble the basketball fast, or run to the hoop before everyone else...)

I wandered out into the hall outside of the conference room where the door was open and a meeting was taking place. Everyone around me looked like they were pretending to work on something important with clipboards and serious expressions, so I joined in.

I managed a few peeks here and there and by the time I finally got a full view of the room and everyone at the table I noticed who else but my arch enemy... Gene Simmons! I don't know how that bastard made it into a meeting about feeding America's hungry children, but I'm sure it had some self-supporting skirt-chasing agenda behind it, or hell right in front of it.

I woke up after that. You'll never ruin my dreams again, Gene.

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