Friday, June 19, 2009

Lack of Patience

Maybe this is not a particularly strong time for me right now in the area of patience, but, I have been more annoyed then usual in the past few nights.

Before I go on, I need to reiterate my love for Latin American immigrants, both documented & undocumented. They are a beautiful people.

With that said, I get annoyed as fuck when it comes to the machismo displayed by many male immigrants. The anthropologist in me understands that it is a part of their cultural upbringing. The feminist in me wants to go ape-shit when they patronize me.

Throughout the night when I'm in the school to teach I constantly feel various eyes on me, and I'm not trying to flatter myself, the men do this to all women, both comely and homely. They greet you, "hi teacher," with a flirting smile and allow you to go ahead of them up the stairs after they insist on holding the door for you.

You then, as a woman, are forced to proceed up the stairs with the infuriating humiliation of knowing they did this to get a better eye-level view of your ass as you ascend.

I often wonder how they would react if, when they asked how I was, I responded "bloated and on my period." Or when they comment on how great my ass is in Spanish I respond back in Spanish, "hey thanks, you can't even tell I just farted?"

Again, a beautiful people, but sometimes my patience is thin.

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